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Pleasure, Power, and Pain: An Introduction to BDSM

BDSM – whips, chains, and lots of black leather, right? Well… sometimes! But the world of kink and BDSM covers so much more, from a little rough sex to the opportunity to explore your personal boundaries, both emotional and physical.

If you’ve been curious about something you’ve read, or turned on by a scene in a movie that’s a little rougher than the usual fare, this class is for you! You’ll learn how to use those amazing toys and have the chance to see what they feel like. We’ll also be discussing role play, power dynamics, and resources for finding the local BDSM community.

Bring your fantasies, your questions, and your curiosity and get ready for a hot evening!

Even More Pleasure, Power, and Pain: Expanding Your BDSM Experiences

Do you have a basic understanding of BDSM play? Perhaps you’ve read some of the how-to manuals, own some kinky toys, took a class or two, or have explored some sexy role play in the bedroom. Where do you go from here?

In this class, you’ll learn skills to help you build hot, intense scenes no matter what you’re into. We’ll cover how to take some of the BDSM basics a bit farther, plus learn some edgier types of play such as CBT, nipple/breast torment, and orgasm control. There will also be a discussion of public play – how to get invited to a party, what to expect, good etiquette, and more!

Be ready to try things out (optional, but so much fun!), ask questions, and share your experiences!


Sounding for All!

Sounds have come a long way from the excruciating treatments for urethral scarring. These days we primarily use them for pleasure, and oh! what a pleasure it is! The feeling of smooth metal entering the urethra is truly unique, and can result in incredible prostate and g-spot stimulation – and that’s all before adding the little extras like vibration and electricity. I’ll be going over the different types of sounds, health concerns and risks associated with this type of play. There will be an exciting live demonstration showing how to use sounds on both female and male bodies, and on how to add extra sensation to your scene!

Strap On Play

Are you curious about strap on play? Wondering how on earth to pick out a harness or dildo? Or have you been “strapping it on” for a while now and are looking for some sexy new tips and tricks? We’ll be covering it all, from different harness styles to troubleshooting your play. As a bonus, we’ll show you how to make your own simple, cheap and safer-sex friendly harness out of an unexpected kitchen staple! Bring your questions, share your experiences and enjoy a lively demonstration.

Endorphin-Based Needle Play 101

Needles can be exciting, erotic, terrifying and beautiful, especially in the hands of a skilled top. In this HANDS ON workshop we will focus on the s/m and sensation aspects of needle play. Basic safety and piercing techniques will be reviewed, along with ways to manipulate the needles to intensify your scene.

Tops, bring your own bottoms if you want to be guaranteed someone to practice on. I will be available to pierce anyone wanting to experience receiving needles. If you have preferred supplies, please bring them, though there will be some available for practice. Come explore the intensity of needle play!

Genitorture For All Bodies

Pussy Torture and CBT are usually thought of and taught entirely separately, even though most of what we consider to be genitorture can easily be done to ANY body! This workshop will cover some basic anatomy and safety precautions, and will emphasize how to use the same techniques to cause excruciatingly delicious sensations on genitals of any kind. There will be a live demo of many of the basics: clips, clamps, canes, floggers, slapping, punching, kicking and much more. We’ll top it all off with a how-to session for several types of butterfly boards. Bring your questions and your creativity and get ready to watch a bottom in sexy agony!


Appreciating the Femme Foot

In this workshop we’ll be diving into the intense enjoyment of the femme foot and how to build scenes that incorporate foot play and those that are centered on foot fetishism. Learn how to pick the right heels, what kinds of sensations we can give with heels and feet, how to kick in high heels, footing, and so much more! There will be live demonstrations of everything discussed.

Damned If You Do… Predicament Play for Twisted Players

Does your sadism have a playful side? Does your inner masochist delight in impossible situations? Predicament bondage might be for you! This workshop is NOT your typical bondage workshop – no knowledge of knots or hard points and no investment in restraints necessary. You will learn how to create excruciating and often amusing scenes with such items as clips, needles, toilet paper, and more. Expect to have your creativity stimulated around materials to use and ways to exploit your partner’s fantasies and fears for your own enjoyment. The bottom’s perspective will also be covered, including how to negotiate (how do you share those terrifying yet delicious thoughts you have?) and how to communicate during a scene where your failure is the top’s success.

Pleasure, Power, & Pain: An Introduction to BDSM
Sounding for All! Urethral Sounds for All Bodies
Strap On Play
Endorphin-Based Needle Play
Genitorture for All Bodies
Appreciating the Femme Foot
Damned If You Do... Predicament Play for Twisted Players
Even More Pleasure, Power, & Pain: Expanding Your BDSM Experience
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