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REVIEW: Take Me There

So… I read this book right after suffering through "50 Shades of Grey" so some of my enthusiasm may be in response to that, but the stories in this anthology were amazing! I realized that trying to list out my favorites was a pointless task when the list became essentially the table of contents.

There is a staggering variety of people of all different genders doing extraordinarily erotic things to each other. Gender is not a crisis: some of the characters are nervous but there is no agonizing over coming out or horrified responses from partners. Also missing is the all-too-common fetishization of trans bodies - all you'll find here is a celebration of all bodies and the remarkable things we can do together.

This compilation does have some particularly tantalizing and unique stories. "Shoes Are Meant to Get You Somewhere" by Dean Scarborough is story of feminization filled with beautiful submissive reverence. Anyone with a religious fetish will adore "Taking the Toll" by Kiki DeLovely. "Self Reflection" by Tobi Hill Meyer gives an entirely new (and delicious) spin on "go screw yourself." If you appreciate rough, gritty, nasty sex, check out "Punching Bag" by Rachel Kramer Bussel, and I may just have to act out the scene in "From Fucktoy to Footstool" by Zev.

If you want a great change of pace from the usual erotica fare, definitely check this book out, just make sure you have lots of fresh batteries on hand!

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